Date: 14—21 May 2022 / Price: £3,000

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Exploring northern parts of Europe, Denmark and Sweden

Discover a true Scandi experience down into the historic runs along the old borders of the Federal Republic and the GDR and the beaches of Dunkirk.

Paying homage to the hundred thousand soldiers who died fighting, ensures that there is no moaning about the challenge ahead. A tour about reflection and insights.

Tour Details and Itinerary

Your adventure starts here ..


14 May 2022

Runners arrive in Copenhagen 

Marathon 1 || DK

15 May 2022

Vibrant Copenhagen official city marathon 

Marathon 2 || SE

16 May 2022

Lush Söderåsen National Park trail 

Marathon 3 || DE

17 May 2022

Historic West and East German border 

Marathon 4 || NL

18 May 2022

Red lights and Heineken of Amsterdam 

Marathon 5 || BE

19 May 2022

Brugge, beer and beach 

Marathon 6 || FR

20 May 2022

Battle of Dunkirk 

Marathon 7 || ENG

21 May 2022

Run through the lush Surrey Hills 

The triumphant end

21 May 2022

Runners depart

Marathon 1

Copenhagen Official City Marathon


1 of 7


Copenhagen, Denmark

Total distance run:

42.2 km

Travel time to next marathon start:

1 hr 35 min

Route summary:

We kick off with the official Copenhagen city marathon. Covering most of central Copenhagen, runners get to experience the different atmospheres and moods of the city. The course has a complete flat elevation (91m) profile. A genuine city marathon, the course showcases all the central parts of Copenhagen, its impressive architecture and best highlights.

Interesting fact:

Home to the happiest people in the world.

Marathon 2

Söderåsen National Park Trail Run


2 of 7


Scandia, Sweden

Total distance run:

84.4 km

Travel time to next marathon start:

5 hrs 12 min

Route summary:

Marathon number 2 you’ll find yourself in the peaceful serenity of the Söderåsen National park, which is located in Scania in southern Sweden. This is one of two courses over the seven days that has a different start and end point – you’ll start in the quaint town of Åstorp and make your way over Sweden’s highest point above sea level (212m) towards the finish line in Röstånga. The breathtaking scenery on this route just about nullifies the 788 meters of climbing required to complete this marathon.

Interesting fact:

Sweden is renowned for producing great pop bands including ABBA, The Cardigans, Ace of Base, Europe and The Hives.

Marathon 3

West & East Border Walk


3 of 7


Lübeck, Germany

Total distance run:

126.6 km

Travel time to next marathon start:

5 hrs 41 min

Route summary:

Marathon number 3 takes you to the historical German town of Lübeck. Run along the old borders of the Federal Republic and the GDR. We follow the track of the German-German Border Trail, which has commemorative sites, memorial stones and preserved border installations. Then head along small country roads towards the old Hanseatic town of Lübeck. This course has a magic mix of history, nature and architecture with the old part of town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Interesting fact:

Lübeck is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site because of its extensive Brick Gothic architecture

Marathon 4

Red Lights & Heineken


4 of 7


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Total distance run:

168.8 km

Travel time to next marathon start:

3 hrs 17 min

Route summary:

Starting just opposite Nelson Mandela park South East of the city, you make your way along the Amstel river toward the city centre passing some of Amsterdam’s best-known sites including; The Olympic stadium, Sex Museum, Anne Frank’s house, The Cheese museum and many more. The highlight of this marathon is without a doubt commemorating the halfway mark (3.5 marathons) with an ice-cold beer straight from the vats of the Heineken brewery.

Interesting fact:

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is located a few meters below sea level.

Marathon 5

Brugge Beer & Beach


5 of 7


Brugge, Belgium

Total distance run:

211 km

Travel time to next marathon start:

1 hr

Route summary:

From Brugge to the Belgian seaside town of De Haan this marathon becomes about reflection and storytelling between fellow athletes. It will take you through the lush green farmlands of Flanders, the beaches of Belgium and canals that make their way back to your starting point in Brugge. Refuel with crepes at 32km before making the final stretch back to the finish where you’ll be rewarded with pint of the best beer that Belgium has to offer.

Interesting fact:

A Belgian artist is the only person to have art on the moon.

Marathon 6

Battle Of Dunkirk


6 of 7


Dunkirk, France

Total distance run:

253.3 km

Travel time to next marathon start:

3 hrs 26 min

Route summary:

Aptly positioned, the history associated with the route you run in Dunkirk will ensure that there is no moaning about the challenge ahead. This marathon is about paying homage to the hundred thousand British and French soldiers who lost their lives to fight for their country. Along the 15km beach stretch, you pass Dunkirk beach bunkers, remains of an old ship wreck and pretty French seaside architecture. After this marathon, you’ll have no excuse to not know all about project Dynamo.

Interesting fact:

The British Army lost 68,000 soldiers (dead, wounded, missing, or captured) from 10 May until 22 June.

Marathon 7

Surrey Home Stretch


7 of 7


Surrey, England

Total distance run:

295.4 km

Travel time to next marathon start:


Route summary:

The final marathon starts and ends in the UK’s beautiful county of Surrey. Starting at the top of Leith Hill, the second highest point in the South East of England, runners make their way 42km north towards 777 victory. You’ll climb 546 meters through the Surrey Hills, up to the top of Box Hill, through a number of English country towns before crossing the finish line along the banks of the Thames river.

Interesting fact:

Runners pass Denbies, the largest Vineyard in England, on the way to the final finish line.

The fine print

What is and what’s not included

What’s included?

  • Entry into Marathon 1
  • Accommodation up until the last day. Post marathon 7, if you wish to stay on, it is up to you.
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Coach hire and travel between marathons 1 – 7
  • run777 branded t‑shirt, cap and hoodie
  • run777 medal
  • Base training plan to the value of £49

What’s not included?

  • Travel to the start line
  • Travel from the finish line
  • Insurance
  • Drink
  • Running nutrition

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You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll hurt! The challenge was immense, I had only ever run a couple of marathons, but training for run777 taught me what my body was capable of. Even before starting the 7 marathons I had smashed my PB by 20min, lost two and a half stone, and at 37yrs old, was in the best shape of my life. This fundamentally changed me, what an adventure, what a lifetime experience.

Grant Sidwell2018 Finisher + 2020 Runner

run777 was a rollercoaster of emotion, an immersive journey of self-discovery and an accelerated bonding experience: forging fond memories, fortitude and friendships to last a lifetime!

Rob Cloete2018 Finisher

An explosive week of variety, camaraderie and views! A real rawness to these events, a feeling of getting back to what is important and actually taking time to breath. The camaraderie was cracking, the crew were excellent and the views and terrain were out of this world.

Antoon De Klerk2018 Finisher
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Never run a multi-day event

Many of our runners had only run a marathon. Follow our Ultimate Training plan and get yourself ready in 20 weeks. It’s definitely achievable

Like a bit of comfort

Our runs take us through 7 countries in a coach, and at the end of each, you are welcomed into a specifically chosen hotel with a planned dinner and breakfast taken care of.

Traveling is fun with family/friends

We recognise that travel is fun with family, whilst we promise you will make many friends on our tours, sometimes you just want to bring a +1

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Our training plan works with your busy life, keeping long runs for the weekend and incorporating a lot of cross training during the week. Swap out the train for a bike ride or take an early morning swim.

Reducing our carbon footprint

We work hard to reduce our impact on this stunning world so we travel between countries in 1 coach which means our numbers are limited to enable this.

How big are these tours

We like intimacy and getting to know people so we keep it small. Our groups are made up of around 20–25 people which is the perfect size for getting to know each other.